Marketing of the tourist places in Qatar

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7 months ago I decide with my family to go to Al Wakrah for hiking and we didn't go to this city for a long time, when we reached there I saw buildings that are resemble to Souq Wakef and we decide to go there. From the panels we know that it is Al Wakrah heritage market which was announced that they will open it from 2 years ago. We are shocked to know the market was open and the shops are ready to receive customers because we thought that the market is still in the construction phase. When we inter the souq we find the corridors are empty of customers, although market is very beautiful but there is no customers the place was almost deserted!! We asked vendors about the reasons for the reluctance of customers from the souq, they said that the officials didn't care about marketing and advertising this place and there are many shops were opened for a long time and then closed for lack of customers!!!


I think officials must pay attention to the marketing and distribution of events and festivals in the various tourist places and not restricted it only in Katara and malls!!