Lusail City - North Doha

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Lusail is going to be a city built from nothing.
With different sections it'll be home to 200,000 people!

Bechtel is producing a masterplan for the North Beach and Entertainment City over 32 sqkm with upscale residential homes, two golf courses and hotels.

This is the first of the company’s projects. Lusail Development will be one the largest and most innovative projects in Qatar in terms of total area, investment cost and philosophy,

The timing of the launch of Qatari Diar is significant and comes at a time when the property market in Qatar is experiencing a boom, with recent forecasts suggesting that investments worth billions of Qatari riyals will be channeled into this sector over the next few years.

As a master developer, Qatari Diar will provide interested local and foreign property developers with opportunities to invest in numerous projects in Qatar and the wider region.

In addition, Qatari Diar will provide interested investors with opportunities to invest in numerous financial and real-estate related companies.

Qatari Diar chief executive officer Nasser Hassan Al Ansari said the first phase of “Lusail” would start by the end of this year and that the project would aim to build an entire new expansion of Doha, complete with state-of-the-art buildings, services and facilities that will cover a total area of 35 km2 to eventually accommodate 150,000-200,000 people.

Diar Real Estate Investment is the region's most influential and innovative real estate investment company, announced today that the company

Qatari Diar, fully owned by Qatar’s High Supreme Council for Economic Affairs and Investment, will facilitate infrastructure and socio-economic development in the wake of Qatar’s phenomenal economic growth and will manage the creation and co-ordination of financially sound property development opportunities that will generate sustainable growth for years to come.

The company will re-define property investment across the region and around the world.

Built on the principles of sound economics and internationally recognised best practice, Qatari Diar will certainly create real estate propositions that will enhance and enrich the quality of life in every community it serves, generate investment opportunities for sustainable growth and, by aligning development with Qatar’s national strategy, further the economic development of the country and the region as a whole.

Founded to support Qatar’s rapidly expanding economy, and to provide structure and quality controls to the country’s real estate development priorities, Qatari Diar is uniquely positioned to both drive and add value to the booming property investment industry.

Nasser Hassan Al Ansari is confident that the company has all that is required to make it a pioneer in the real estate development in the region.

“Qatari Diar has significant advantages including the state-patronised sound investment climate,” said Al Ansari.

“Although Qatari Diar is owned by the state, it is structured on recognized, best-practice private sector principles that guarantee transparency and efficiency in all aspects of the business.

“In addition, the company is managed and staffed by recognized leaders in their fields who are qualified in every aspect of the design, planning, construction and management of real estate developments as well as training local staff,” Al Ansari said.

This combination of innovative thinking and effective muscle has already brought dividends.

In addition to furthering growth opportunities in Qatar, Qatari Diar is also actively seeking to generate investment opportunities across the region.

In recent months, Qatari Diar has announced two significant projects, the first of which is a $170million luxury tourist resort (230 hectares) on the Hawara Coast in Tangier including a five-star hotel with all supporting facilities, coastal chalets, exhibitions centre, golf club surrounded by state-of-the-art residential units, coastal sports-and-recreation club, restaurants and cafes, in addition to a souq for traditional and cultural handicrafts.

The second project is in collaboration with the Omani Government and aims to create an ideal eco-tourist destination (200 hectares) in Sur County’s Ras Al Had.

Wholly owned by Qatar’s High Supreme Council for Economic Affairs and Investment, Qatari Diar was incorporated in December 2004 to support Qatar’s growing economy and to co-ordinate the country’s real estate development priorities.

Qatari Diar is a government-backed real estate investment company responsible for creating and coordinating financially sound property development opportunities that will generate sustainable and tangible socio-economic benefits.

Qatari Diar’s vision is to become the region’s most trusted and effective real estate investment company by focusing its value proposition on the creation of quality, well-planned and desirable developments.