Looking for an English speaking nanny

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Hi all,

Wasn't quite sure where to post this message... As I'll probably start working in January or February, we're looking for an English speaking nanny for our 4 year old son. She would work from 2.30pm until 6pm from Sunday to Thursday. We're looking for someone who speaks English well, as Alec only has a basic knowledge (but is learning fast though, faster then I had expected....) and doesn't really understand people with a heavy accent. We would ask the nanny to do the ironing, no cleaning or cooking. We're looking for someone to start asap as we would like Alec to get to know her while I'm still around during the day. We can be contacted on greetrosiers@gmail.com or arnoldrijsenburg@gmail.com or via PM. If you know anyone (or know someone who could know someone...) thanks for telling us. It seems quite a lot harder then expected to find a nanny...

Kind regards