Job package offered t by a HVAC company

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum.I have been offered a job from pvt HVAC company in doha.After negotiating with them they say that they are ready to offer me

1. A salary of 5500 QR.(I suggested them 8000QR)

2. Accommodation provided by the company +health +gratuity +transport

+air tickets and a vacation of 1 month after every 12 months.(these were suggested by me and they accepted)

3. Is it needed to ask them wat kind of accommodation they will be providing me with(i mean single or shared,standard,location etc).By the way is there any way of getting the information about the accommodation they will be providing me with.

4.wat will be living expenses over there. I am single.

I am a fresh graduate in Mech Engg frm pakistan.

Wat do u ppl think is it a good offer,especially the salary?? if not then wat shud be added to it for making a gud offer.

Any help will be greatly regarded.