Jaoni Center - For all your sheesha needs

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Here's an awesome tip by thexonic.

I just got back from Jaouni center, went there to look for tobacco for argeele (sheesha) and guess what... the place is beautiful, they have everything there that has to do with arabic cultural furniture, to the decorative items to argeele (sheesha) to tabacco aswell. I've been looking for a place where they sell the tobbacco for a long time, but all i found was two apple, apple, grape, strawberry and cherry. At Jaouni Center they got tons of flavors.

They have:

- Strawberry + banana + pineapple + coconut milkshake (wierd ya :P, but i got that to try it out)

- Grape + Raspberry

- Lemon

- Orange

- Mango

- Melon

- Mix fruit

- Cherry

- Mint (they have green mint and red mint, they taste the same just color is different lol)

- Strawberry

- Rose

- Cappucino

So on so forth... there are alot of them, so if u r into argeele/sheesha, thats the place to get the tobacco.

Now for the other part, the decorative stuff that they have:

Classical chairs made out of wood and reed

Frames with verses from Quran

Little plates that have islamic stuff written on it that we can hang

a littel corcery aswell

alot of gift items and the prices aernt that expensive either.

I suggest everyone to check it out.

Jaouni Center is located behind the Jaguar showroom, before the Cube's entrance at Ramada.