Ideas for Qatar :) Think anything >:D<

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Ok here you could shout out any idea for a better and more attractive Qatar you could post pictures, maps or just simply normal posts :)

mine was hanging to me for a while i always whanted Qatar to brake a few records to gain publicity but those records should attract people to the country and not just simply a record that is boring for example Ramada hotel the one in Doha is acctully the worlds largest Ramada !!!

but here are some records that are brakeable and good, it might make Qatar a very important tourist destination :)

Worlds largest Aquarium :?
Worlds largest Permanent light and sound show X(
Worlds largest centereless ferris wheel
Worlds tallest hotel atrium
Worlds largest Observation Wheel
Worlds largest hotel lobby
Worlds highest hotel (Mix use tower)
Worlds highest observation deck
Worlds largest Permanentfireworks show >:D Worlds largest Permanent water fountain display (:D
Worlds highest Residential apartments
Worlds tallest unsupported flagpole
Worlds tallest mosque minaret
Worlds fastest, highest, longest, and largest full-circuit rollercoaster ever ! ::o
Worlds largest hotel (:P)
Worlds largest Indoor theme park
Worlds largest indoor rollercoaster X(
Worlds highest revolving restaurant :)-D

WoW took me a while to right that..... B)-

any more good records that Qatar could brake ?