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I had this idea some time ago, and thought this site might be good to to talk about it.
Very often I am asked if I know any Qataris. I have to admit, no, actually I have met only very few, and they are not even acquaintances. It is difficult for me to meet Qataris...where would I would I meet them?
I surely would like to, as would many others , I am sure.
So, here it is, my idea.
If Qataris have equal interest in meeting with expats, and maybe,eventually develop friendship (not friendsheep!!!!!)this is what could be done.
The people interested in doing this, would agree to go on a database,handled either by the government or a private person. This database could be given to firms who hire expats, maybe their relocation department. For example, oil and gas firms, universities and such.
Once this is done, it has to be made very clear, that this is not for scoring favours, complaints about sponsors etc. It is simply a tool to promote understanding, and getting to know each others culture etc.
I have not thought this through 100%, and it is purely from a Western point of view.
What do you think?