i need to break out of my cultural isolation! want to speak arabic/practice english with an American!?

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hi all,

So, I love the Middle East, and that's pretty much the whole reason I took a job here in Qatar last year. I've spent 4 months studying Arabic full time in Yemen and ended up speaking half way decently! But it's been 2 years now since that summer, and all of my friends here in Qatar only speak English, which is a real bummer. My Arabic is slipping away rapidly.

I'd like to meet more Arabs-- I've been here for 8 months and I think I'm only now working up the courage to actually try and break out of my self-imposed cultural isolation. So, here goes!

If any of you would like to hang out with an easygoing, outgoing guy and practice their english and/or help me with my arabic, I'd be much obliged. I'm up for hanging out and smoking shisha, getting dinner and/or coffee, and whatever else. A bit about me: I'm a 27 year old network engineer from Chicago, married to a beautiful girl from my home town. I'm into a lot of things- I'm a musician (cello, guitar, drums), kind of a geek (into Linux and open source, etc), and i love to go to the dunes on quad bikes or go camping. umm... Yeah. So, I feel like I'm making a personal ad, so I'll stop now and hopefully hear from someone!