I Love Qatar's Corniche

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What a relaxed feeling you must have had deep within just by reading the subject of my thread. Thanks for coming down with me to the virtual views of Qatar's Corniche.

As I move down the memory lane to the corniche of Qatar back in the early 80's, we used to have the view of the pyramid of Qatar, the Sheraton Hotel, one of the oldest landmarks of Qatar. That's it, that was the whole skyline of the corniche.

Soon enough the development of Qatar kissed the sky's and by the 90's we had a couple of buildings which stood by the Sheraton. I still remember playing on the swings by the Sheraton listening to the HUD Thud of the construction works near by.......

As we logged on to the new millennium we had a beautiful skyline, one can just sit by the corniche, within 45 degree angle of the beautiful walkway along the sea and watch the glittering towers flashing lights all over. The sky shining bright, looking deep into the eyes of the future of fastest developing country of this world. 'Qatar'.

Some activities family indulge in at the Qatar's corniche.


Walking, Jogging, Running or just stretching and exercising are the activities of many people on the corniche It is at it's peak in the morning and evening, it is great to see so many nationalities blend together at the corniche taking care of there fitness.


Specially on the weekends, we can see families spending there time drinking, eating, chit chatting, and having a great time. Some come by as soon as it is bearable under the sun with all the stuff needed to spend hours on the Corniche. We can see men sitting and playing cards or just discussing the business they had the whole week, women sharing recipes and tips. Children playing and teens hanging around.

Smoking there stress away

Yes! some do that, don't count me in :)o

Just Driving By

It's so relaxing to just drive by slowly (not very slow) specially when one is with a loved one.

All this and more happens everyday on the ever beautiful corniche of Qatar, you can check out some great picture of the corniche on this site by clicking on Videos / Pictures

I just tried to pin point some great facts of the Corniche Bay of Qatar, one of the many things we all really really Love about Qatar, hope you had a great time reading my thoughts and knowing what I LOVE about QATAR.