How To Obtain A Tourist Visa To Qatar For Nationals Who Are Not Able To Get a Visa On Arrival?:)-D

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If you are not a participant of Qatar’s record of accepted countries for visa on arrival countries (GCC) Some GCC residents can get tourist visa to qatar upon arrival. Exactly who can get these visas depends on their job and the position of of their visit visa. For example, a health professional would be granted a visa . If you are not coming under this category, can get a tourist visa to qatar either via a resort or via Qatar Airways. However, to get a visa with Qatar Airways, you have to guide a space for your remain with a five or four celebrity resort.

The place can be reserved via Qatar Airways, with the charge fee being compensated simultaneously. In the occasion of the charge being rejected the hotel fee will be returned. However, the charge fee is non-refundable .You have to bring in attention that this tourist visa (unlike visa upon arrival for approved nationalities) is not available for those staying with friends or families – visitors need to be booked into a hotel in Qatar. However, nationalities with families will be able to come on a visit visa .

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