Holes in the Industrial Area's Roads

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Roads in Industrial Area are riddled with potholes

doha • Most of the roads in the Industrial Area, the booming business and industrial hub of Qatar, are full of potholes posing a threat to the lives of motorists and pedestrians, with residents complaining that even the basic maintenance works are not carried out.

Driving through the bumpy and potholed streets is a nightmarish experience, which has also led to an increase in the number of accidents in the area, say residents. The heavy traffic jams on the main roads, witnessed throughout the day, have made the situation even worse.

The area has seen a rapid growth in population with an increase in the number of companies operating there. The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has undertaken massive infrastructural works in the area, and the ongoing excavations and drainage works have only contributed to the traffic chaos.

“It is good that the area is being developed in a major way but we have not seen any maintenance being carried out in the interior roads over the past two years," said a resident.

A visit to the area will convince anyone about the seriousness of the situation. Traffic is utterly chaotic and unless you are extremely cautious, you may be hit by one of the heavy trucks hogging the roads or other moving vehicles. Motorists make sudden turns to avoid huge pits or a dangerous hump and end up in an accident.

None of the streets is an exception to this scenario. Driving in the night through these streets is simply unimaginable, residents say. The life-threatening trenches have prompted some residents to put used tyres, marking those spots to caution the motorists.

“People cannot avoid visiting Industrial Area because many of the essential services are located here. Major developments are taking place in the area, but the situation of the roads is so poor that their maintenance cannot be suspended until all the other infrastructural works are completed," said an aggrieved resident.

He said most of the highways leading to the area witness heavy traffic throughout the day, but still there is no police patrolling even in the peak hours. Serpentine queues of vehicles, predominantly trucks and trailers, are a common sight on these highways. “To reach the Al Attiyah Market from Street 33 and 52 is a real challenge. The same is the case with other main roads," he said.

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