Help, Is there a new law for marrring a foreign wife?

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I broke up with my Qatari bf recently. Because he told me that there's new law for marriage with foreigners. There's a country list, any country out of the list is not allowed. I was very sad to hear that when my ex told me. But recently I heard that this is just a law existed for a long time. Any Qatari want to marry foreigners need to get the permission from the governemnt.

If you can apply for the permit, that means there's still hope. Is he trying to make excuses because he doesn't want to take more risks for losing everything in Qatar?

How hard is to get the permit? How long I should wait? Anybody can help? I've waited for a lot of years, I really need to decide whether I should move on throughly or not.

Pls anybody can give me adivce i would really appreciate.