Guide to saving money in Qatar

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It's the credit crisis right now they say. We see it on the tv, we read in the newspaper, and the garderner sings it while watering the asphault (Apparantly we need to water our roads sometimes). When I think crisis, I imagine people running around with their hands in the air in a total frenzy screaming "Oh my Gooooood!!!!!!".

Luckily though, that little visual is limited to my imagination. However this next bit of information is far from a dream and is entirely factual.

Money! Yes Money! Are you paying attention now?

Let's talk about a few ways to save some cash or cash in on some special offers.

CashSave (Money Boomerang) - This is a service launched in Qatar which gives you cash back when you buy stuff at certain stores. To be honest I found this by mistake. They should really advertise on ILQ to get out there! Their method is quite special because it works ON TOP of promotions. So if a store that participates has a discount going on, you'll still get cashback. To make things simple, if you go LeNotre for example, just give them your CashSave card (which you get by signing up at their site and getting for free), and you'll be given a cheque with your cashback. It's up to 20% if I remember correctly. After I signed up on the site, I was sent a book with all the participating stores which was handy.

The Entertainer - You need to buy this book. It's actually quite a substantial investment. The book costs 200QR, however I guarantee that you'll get your money back (or your money's worth) pretty fast. It's basically a book of coupons where you get special prices or two for one deals. They have restaurants and places from all over the place! Including Johnny Rockets, Golf Club, and Children's play areas. You can pick up a copy at most places like Jarir, Virgin, Carrefour etc...

Qatar Airways Qmiles - We talked about this before and it still stands. Getting Qmiles is very easy and sometimes it can be lucrative. Why not save up Qmiles and then sell your ticket? Save enough and that's a cool 2-4k you've made. You can get Qmiles on your credit card (QNB), through paying your Qtel bill, on their special offers, or even when you go to certain stores like Nokia.,1975

Airmiles Scratch and Win Offer - This one isn't long term, it's only on for March and there's two weeks to go. To be honest I don't even know why they call their service Airmiles. I mean yes you can get flights but it's more of a rewards program. Once you collect miles you can get freebies on electronics, flights, vouchers, gifts, etc... Now the offer is no matter how much you spend, if you've got an airmiles card you'll get a 'guaranteed to win something' scratch card. You can win anything from Cinema tickets to Air tickets or even Gold and Vouchers. All you do is log in to your account on the website, type the code on the scratch card and it tells you your prize.

Thanks to Blitz for mentioning this here

ILQ Discounts - ILQ's always trying to help you get discounts no matter where you go so if you head of to King Koil, Barzan Digital, Lovesac, or Even if you're unsure if there's a discount, let them know that you came from! Especially at places Link Travel, Fauchon, 51East, Busy Bees Nursury, and Global DJs events.

Got a special offer or method of saving money? Share it with us on the Qatar Forums !

Of course if you wanted to do a bit of trading use the Qatar Classifieds and do a bit of trading!