Guide me Regarding the Offered Job in Qatar from pakistan

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Dear All

I am from pakistan.I apply for govt job in qatar army as civilian IT engineer from pakistan. Interview was held in qatar embassy islamabad.
I cleared my interview and he offered me job in qatar as Civilian IT engineer in army. I will work with qatar soldiers. He offered me the package of 9000 qatari ryal, in which 6500 is my salary and 2500 for family accomodation and also offer medical for me and my family. They said that I have to go to qatar for final medical and security clearance.For this, I have to bear all of my expenses regarding ticket, medical and security clearance . If I clear my medical and security clearance, then they will return back all of my expenditures.
I have the following questions:
1. My age is 37.My heart bypass performed approximatly 9 months before. Now I am perfactly fit and doing a IT job in pakistan. Is there any risk involved in the medical due to bypass surgery mean will they qualify me or not?
2. After these clearance, they offered me a job,then after a month, then I apply to Ministry of Defence for my family for getting into the qatar. Then 2500 ryal will be given for family accomodation, till then i have to stay in camp alone.
a. What is the living standard of camp?
b. I have 3 child, If my family will come in qatar, then can I get the residance at 2500 ryal for my family. Other 6500 will be enough for me and my family.
Please help me .Because embassy will call me after 2 and 3 days for further process.

Kaleem from Pakistan