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I work at the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce in Texas, USA. We have put together a group of teachers that we are bringing to Qatar for a few days to expose them to the culture and education ideas of the country. I am looking to show them some cultural events.

Is there anything locally culture focused for New Year's going on?

Also I am looking into more activities. Anyone know of any camel races, boat races, local celebrations?

And if anyone would like to meet up with the group to discuss culture & education please contact me.

We would be happy to take the group on an outing like a boat ride, camel ride, dinner, falconry demo, etc..

There are 14 of us total. We will be in Doha, Qatar from Dec. 31rst to Jan. 2nd.

If you want to know more about what we do please check out our site ...or email me....
Thank you in advance for any help. -Nina Ridge

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You can actually check the local tour's that are here in Qatar. They offer a variety of exciting programs i.e

- Overnight Desert Tours
- Half Day Desert Safari Tours
- City Tour
- Camel Tracking

and a whole lot more.

Below are some links that can help you,


Since you mentioned that you plan to come during Dec 31st to Jan 2 it may be different but you can ask the Tour companies what programs they would have during those days. =D


Hope that helped!! =D


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The Al Fanar Islamic Center in Doha offers a mosque tour which is quite informative. On a quick search I couldn't locate their phone # but if you are interested, I will put on my detective cap and come up with the proper info for you....or maybe someone out there has their number?

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There's also Sahara Tours :) (See their advert on the right side of the site)

On a side note, I've moved this thread to the right section :)

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Nina -

Your trip is fairly short, so you won't be able to pack everything in, but here's what I would suggest. . .

Day One:

You could take a tour of Fanar and have a leisurely Souq Waqif stroll, followed by dinner in the Souq itself.

Day Two:

1/2 day desert tour + Dhow dinner cruise
Both of these are available through Sahara. The Dhow dinner cruise requires a minimum of 25 people, but maybe they are flexible on that number? I would recommend booking ahead, though, particularly over the New Year's weekend.

Day three:

Islamic Museum & Tour of Doha. Dinner in Souk.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions or need any help. I am from Houston (still have my house in the Heights) and I have Vonage, so it's just a local call for you. 713-868-6292 (Mind the time difference, please.) I will be out of town from November 17th through November 30th.

Have a great trip, and let us know if you have any other questions!


P.S. On a side note, I just checked out your website. One of your Advisors was my husband's boss until fairly recently.

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