Great Pediatrician

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As a mother of two little boys visits to the Drs are very common. After nearly two years of "shopping" around, and many bad experiences i finally found a great Pediatrician at American Hospital. Hes very professional, caring and calming to a frantic mother. I really like the way that he spends lots of time(isnt in a hurry to push you out the door) with the kids and entertains the most silly questions without making you feel bad. hes not eager to order uneccessary costly tests(even though we have top medical cover) and not to eager to dish out medications unless absolutely neccessary. with my previous experiences most doctors are very eager to do that. I could probabably open up a pharmacy with the amount of medications i was routinely given previously. I wish someone had informed me about him a lot time ago. Im not really a fan of American hospital but i do go just to see him.

p.s this is just advice from one mum to another, i am in no way advertising or affiliated with this Dr, i just wanted to share my medical experience here in Qatar .

His name is Dr Ali Othman
American Hospital Doha

Doha -Qatar
Phone : (+ 974) 4421999