Got the job? Here's what you need to do next.

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Well I thought I'd put this together to help a few people out there who don't know what to expect.

Here's a list of what you'll need to keep with you to make your life EASY.

4 Copies of your ID card
20 passport sized photographs
4 Copies of your Passport
Your original passport
Your educational certificates (copies)
Letter of work acceptance

When you first arrive you'll probably want to get your own number straight away. You'll probably think that it's just something that you use to make phone calls with right? WRONG. Your telephone number is VERY important in Qatar. It's used for tracking items, your medical information, linking accounts, and so much more. Remember, once you get a number, it's something that you'll probably want to stick to for the rest of your time in Qatar. SO GET A NUMBER YOU LIKE.

After getting your telephone number from either Qtel or Vodafone (name of second carrier not official), you'll want to sign up for the METRASH (roughly translated as 'Sender' service. This is basically a service where you can get texts for important events such as traffic violations, visa information, and bill payments. It's also linked to various government text services. You can subscribe to METRASH here You'll need your mobile number and ID card number to subscribe. Your ID card and mobile number MUST be linked to each other when you sign up with your network.

Now that you have those two basics you're on your way to having a smooth set up.

When everything is done with your work place, you're most likely going to be handed THREE papers. Each of these have to be sent off to the relevant department/authority.

A) First paper you need to deal with is with the Ministry of Labour. They can be found at Berzan Tower which is in West bay.
Once there you'll find reception who'll direct you to the correct floor.

When you go in, you'll have to hand in two papers which were given to you from your work place. The one related to CID (security) and you're one which is supposed to be handed into the Labour team. (Don't worry they'll all be titled). You'll also need to hand in a copy of your educational transcripts and/or any previous work documents. The last peice of crucial information is your mobile number. This will automatically be linked to your work history from now on.

After everything is scanned and inputted into the national database, you 'should' get a text with your registration number.
Everything else should be pretty straight forward and your documents will be signed by a head of the relevant department.

You'll then be given back everything PLUS two more papers.
1) Letter of confirmation for your work place.
2) Letter to hand into the CID (Security)

B ) The second set of papers to deal with is with the CID (Security). They have a set of offices in a small compounded area in Aziziya.
Once you enter, I suggest you head off to Building number 2. Pick up a form which is necessary to fill in with your details. After completing it hand in your CID paper and your paper with a header to them given to you by your work place.

You should then head to building number 4 to get approval to take your fingerprints and scans.

This is done in building number 12 (don't worry they're all a few steps away from each other). Once you enter, hand in anything you are told to give to them, they'll digitally take your prints, photo and update your personal info on the database. This will then be linked to your information from the Ministry of Labour.

Head back to Building number 2. You'll be given a receipt slip and told to pick up your certificate (to prove you have no major criminal history) in around 5 days. You'll receive a text telling you when to pick it up if you signed up to METRASH. (remember? I told you it was usefull to finish this first ;))

C) Now that you're done, it's time for your medical check up! Before going anywhere, you'll need to have a Medical Card.
You can get plenty of information here
Applying and getting your Medical number costs around 100QR. You usually apply for it in the closest clinic to where you live.

Now head off to the National Health Center (Anyone have the address?). Remember, there are two clinics, one for expats and one for locals. Go to the correct one! The expat Health Center is quite full so make sure you have plenty of time :)

Hand in your medical paper from the work place, your National ID card, and your medical card. You'll be given TWO slips. One for your blood test and one for an x-ray. After taking finishing those two checkups, you'll meet a doctor who'll ask you basic questions, take your blood pressure and sign off your paper. That's it! You're done! You'll have to wait for your medical results which will take a few days.

You'll end up with three more papers from a hard days work. To recap, you have your Ministry of Labour confirmation letter, security certificate, and medical certificate. Hand them into your HR department and you're done!