Getting a visa is so hard

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Well the story goes that Qatar has become much more stricter with allowing visas because there were too many prostitutes coming into the country.

This is so stupid, because their solution? Let's just make it so difficult for countries to get in.

Want to hear something more stupid? You are most likely going to be rejected if you're between the age of 20 and 29 and a female.
People here are either married or gay and being gay is illegal in Qatar.

I HOPE that all you expats and foreigners will go to your embassies and complain about this. It is just unfair that I have to go to higher ups just to get a visa for them to visit me.

Anyway, here's a list of how to get a visa that I wrote up.

Don't forget, COMPLAIN to the embassies to make a change!

1- Decide when you want to travel
2- Decide which airline you are going to take
a) If Qatar Airways, apply for a visa through them
b) If rejected please continue
3- Try to apply online
a) If rejected or not allowed please continue
4- Try to apply through your hotel or let your sponsor apply.

5- Apply through Ministry of Interior or your local embassy
a) If rejected speak to a higher authority for validation