funny/embarrasing moment in your life 8-)

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Good morning buddiesX(X(X(... got to jump before I fall asleep in here :o
There comes a time in your life when you experience some funny embarrassing moments..that even ages will not erased it on your mind:busted:
Do you have one??? Care to share it buddies, just for a little laugh(:P)

Mine goes like this..believe it or not it happened long long time ago, crazy university days..100 years ago I think!:P
Me and group of friends attended a birthday party...there having fun...good people...nice food and all...then call of nature have to go w.c to release some fluid...found one in a hurry open and locked it for safety and after a few minutes with retouching my make up and all later, there I am, going out of the w.c with a relaxing smile on my face to see 3 -4 boys looking back at me and some of my friends looking at me with those naughty smile on their faces...asked them , what was wrong??????!!! One of the boys who seems can't wait suddenly tell me... "miss, this is for boys only" pinpointing at the sign at the door..I say..huh????::o and due to embarrasment...and for nothing to say...I told the boy.... "WHY??? this is for BOYS only too" WHILE I point my finger down there:duh::bang::busted: