Fox Hill Cybertecture Hotel - Lusail

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Fox Hill Cybertecture Hotel in Qatar, is one of a kind, the next generation hotel which designed by James Law Cybertecture International. It is a 5 storey building with hundreds of efficient hotel rooms over 4 levels. The form of the building is derived from the waves of the ocean which symbolizes the inexhaustible energy from the nature.

The hotel provides a brand new check-in style to the guests utilizing ybertecture check-in pods?floating on water at the lobby area, an approach different from the typical check-in counter. All the check-in processes would be done automatically. Integration of the mechanical luggage track, the luggage can automatically conveyor your designated hotel room.

The interior space of each room at Fox Hill Cybertecture Hotel is designed with a new funky proposition. Every fixture is fused with the wall and ceiling to give a coherent feeling. The openable building skin is controllable by the guest to limit the unwanted glare from the sun and to give comfortable privacy.

With the integration of Cybertecture concepts, the Fox Hill Cybertecture Hotel will become the prototype for the future hotel of the future.