English Speaking Events *THIS FALL* -- (for non-native English speakers)

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A series of English speaking events is scheduled to begin again this September at The SpeakEasy English Club. 

For those who want to improve in CONVERSATIONAL English, join other members at learning events and practice the type of English that you would use in normal, everyday social situations.

New Member Interviews are taking place now through June 15th.

Please contact us at: speakeasyclub.info@gmail.com to schedule an interview,

or for any questions on how to become a member.


SpeakEasy Members receive:

  Access to English conversation events, which are organized by the club and are specifically designed to develop and enhance speaking skills in everyday uses of English


Small group events


Social, dynamic learning


Each event is coached by a native (U.S.A.) English speaker, who is dedicated to helping club members respond more quickly and learn how to speak more naturally


Members gain confidence with each conversation 


SCHEDULE:  Fall Season @ The SpeakEasy English Club

Starting SEPTEMBER 1st, 2014


Level III  [advanced/upper-level] Pure Conversation Group – FRIDAYS


Level II  [upper-level/intermediate] Conversation Skills Group – MONDAYS / THURSDAYS


Level I  [pre-intermediate/beginner] PRE-Conversation Group – TUESDAYS or WEDNESDAYS


Special Topics – Seminars TBA;  Private Coaching, available by appointment

For days/times, rates, locations, please email:  speakeasyclub.info@gmail.com


ENGLISH IS LIKE A MUSCLE…if you don't use it, you lose it!!


The SpeakEasy English Club

English Conversation Coaching and Learning Events

Email:  speakeasyclub.info@gmail.com


ABOUT The SpeakEasy:

The only English Club in Qatar to provide small group, social settings-- ideal for non-native English speakers who are looking to improve their conversational skills, not in a formal classroom, but instead in a more real-life setting.  On-going special events, workshops and discussions take place regularly.