;) DR Hassan's tips for how to choose your life partner


Most people think there is no love or can't explain it or someone will say i love you then when you ask him to explain he will replay it's an unexplainable feeling. many people don't understand the meaning of the word love or can't put theses feelings in to words

there is two types of love

hereditary love and this kind of love is the kind were you say i love my country or i love my family

the other type acquired love and this is between two genders male and female

these are to understand more about acquired love and to make sure your feelings match what the Doc explains as love

Desire : by desire you achieve body love

Personal characteristics: to achieve friendship

Feelings: to achieve security

these three should be framed by respect

the corners of the framed should be secured by trust

if you have the above in mind you probably are not having a false alarm and should go ahead and marry this person :D

if not your probably just messing around :busted: