Court clears four of murder charges

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A DOHA court yesterday acquitted four men of murder charges, citing lack of evidence and giving them the benefit of the doubt.
The court heard from a forensic expert that it was "not clear" what caused the Qatari victim's death.
Although the accused – three Qataris and a Somali – confessed to the crime initially, the court said their confessions did not match the forensic report.
The police registered the murder case following the arrest of the Somali in a car theft case. The death of the victim, whose body was found in a farm, was earlier recorded as natural.
According to the Somali, the victim was lured to the desert by his killers, who accused him of owing them money from the sale of drugs.
He claimed that the main accused strangled the man with a gutra (headgear).
The court said that the acquittal did not mean that the victim died a natural death. “Even if it was a murder, there is insufficient evidence to prove that the accused are the perpetrators."
Court sources said the public prosecution had appealed the ruling and the accused remained in custody as they were serving a drug-related sentence.


What the hell is this? These guys admitted to the murder, explained the process and it lined up perfectly with the actual event, however because their description of what happened was not perfect with what the forensics found, they got away?

Let's say they WERE innocent and just felt like saying the murdered the guy for fun. They should at LEAST go to jail for wasting time and lieing!

This is rubbish!