Can get a Work Visa while in Qatar on Visit Visa?

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Hello everyone,

I am a Canadian citizen, and got a job offer in Doha, I am waiting for the visa to arrive for almost one and half month, after following up with the HR they told me its in process and they will let me know once its ready, now they are telling me that I do not need a visa as I am Canadian, I can come to Doha and visa will be stamped at the airport for myself, my wife and a 5 year old son, they will process my work visa as well as my family visa while I will be in Doha on a visit visa.

my concerns are:

1. Is this possible to process work and family visa while you are on visit visa?
2. Can I trust the HR and windup from here i.e. leave my current job and go on a verbal assurance?
3. Is there a slight possibility that i do not get work visa after I leave from here?

The offer is really good and I do not want to miss it I did discuss my package on this forum in salaries section and everyone appreciated it.

Any advice will be really helpful.