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Appropriate solutions
Barwa is aware of the fact that a large section of the real estate focus in Qatar to date has been on super tall buildings, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Along with the phenomenal pace of development we are witnessing, a vibrant and critical segment of residents in Doha who fall into the middle and high end management category, struggle with the lack of appropriate housing solutions. With the financial services sector expanding rapidly and with Qatar’s economy diversifying, it is certain that this level of residents will increase greatly in number. It is Barwa’s desire through Al Doha to addresses the needs of this burgeoning middle to upper class. This important market is said to make up a considerable segment of the working, executive population in Qatar. Barwa fulfils the important duty of supporting this group of valued people.

Barwa Al Doha is a project that promotes diversity with regard to generating revenue, benefiting the country’s growth that will sustain national sustainability. The winning formula of Barwa Al Doha is unbeatable: a central location, residential, commercial and entertainment areas: everything is within reach.

Project at a glance

Since imagination is the beginning of the best things in life, imagine for a few moments, fine living in a modern urban space. Imagine a sanctuary where you can escape into. Imagine a place of abode where you and your family are soothed into being comfortable, rested and happy. Continue to visualize a place of excitement and a retail environment that brightens any shopper’s dream. Cafés to visit, hotels to enjoy. This is a place to unwind, relax and savour the joys of life. Creating spaces where people truly savour joy is one of the things Barwa does best, and Barwa Al Doha is an extension of that capacity.

This project was born of a dream; a dream to use the highest forms of architectural excellence and artistry to create spaces for those who yearn for fine living in homes, retail shopping, and recreation. Barwa Al Doha is a massive QR 2. 4 billion project, rivalling the best and the most ambitious of them all in the Middle East. With the modern Doha skyline setting its backdrop and the tall buildings cutting an air of confidence, this project stands as a salute to the spirit of enterprise that is engendered in this land.

The epitome of fine urban living

Al Doha is a project set to attract high net-worth individuals with purchasing power. The project contains world-class city amenities that cover all needs and requirements for quality services. Barwa’s Al Doha has a 55 000 square metre built up area. The retail space of the project stands close to 127,000 sq m and it includes 25 stores. Al Doha is located in central Doha in the intersection between Muntazah and A Ring Road. The project is billed to be one of the most popular fixtures in Qatar’s residential and retail solution market. It includes spacious apartment buildings with various floors levelled with mixed function areas. The apartments will offer professional and highly skilled guest workers, a demographic group who help form the cogs of Qatar’s economy, a specifically build residential complex that will house their every dream. The project includes a 5 star hotel, and cinema complexes.

Al Doha is a measure of Qatar ambitions: here is a development, which includes: apartment buildings with various floor levels with mixed use areas, a mosque, a shopping mall, offices, retail areas and cafés in a green and immaculately manicured area. Barwa’s Al Doha will be the location at which the very definition of ‘café society’ will be lived out. The shopping malls have been designed with the particular group of urbane residents in mind and therefore will serve their refined requirements and cater to their sophisticated needs. The project has also planned for ample parking to be provided with 4500 cars being given space.

Al Doha’s central location will make it an ideal living environment for Doha’s residents. A special bonus will be the fact that the project is located a mere 10 minutes away from Doha’s International Airport.

The Al Doha project is set to create a buzz and it is not too inconceivable for this particular multi-functional development to be the blueprint of how urban developments will be planned in the future.