All your Visa Queries Answered

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Bethel Professional Services (BPS) offers top of the range total solutions to its numerous clientele. From establishing businesses and ensuring their complete integration in Qatar to legalizing employees of those firms in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Qatari government, BPS has the expertise and the wherewithal to handle it all.

As a complete solution provider, we remove the burden from your shoulders and ensure a smooth set-up and launch of your business within the ambits of the law and with little stress to you.

BPS fully understands the local market and our knowledge of the Qatari laws, regulations and procedures enable us to offer unparallelled support through every step of the way.

Aside from this, we offer tailor-made and unique services depending on the need of our clients.

Among the services we offer are:

Company Registration (CR) and Municipality Services:
- Company sponsorship and immigration services
- Extraction, Modification and Renewal of C.R
- Extraction and Renewal of Chamber of Commerce Licences
- Extraction, Modification and Renewal Municipality Licences

Visa Services:
- Issuance of business visa
- Issuance of work visa
- Helping with obtaining driver’s license

Residency Services:
- Issuance, Renewal and cancellation of Residency Permits
- Residency transfer from passport to passport
- Issuance of travel Permits ( Exits )

Driving Licences:
- Issuance, Renewal of Driving licences
- Issuance of Substitute Licence

Relocation and Logistics Services:
- Movement of goods and materials
- Complete logistics provider