32 Reasons Why You Need to Eat Breakfast.

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Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. There are lots of reasons why we need to eat breakfast everyday. Here are some of them.

1. It restores your sugar level that was consumed while sleeping.
2. It helps you lose weight
3. It supplies you more energy and nutrients that you’ll need for the day.
4. Regularly having breakfast can increase your metabolism by as much as 10 percent.
5. It increases your concentration and makes you focused on whatever you will do for the day.
6. It saves you money.
7. It boosts your efficiency making you accomplish more things.
8. It makes you less ill-tempered especially during your morning rush-hour commute to work or school.
9. It helps you avoid or decrease stress.
10. It helps you build healthy and timely eating habits.
11. It makes you feel less sleepy during the early parts of the day.
12. You can eat easily even if you are not that hungry.
13. It helps you stick to your diet.
14. It will help you prevent from snacking throughout the day.
15. It increases your brain function.
16. It helps you overcome fatigue.
17. It regulates digestion.
18. It is the only time that you will feel like a king.
19. Skipping breakfast makes you over eat during lunch.
20. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol.
21. You can eat almost anything without feeling guilty.
22. Eating breakfast is comforting.
23. It exercises the muscles in your jaw.
24. It makes you physically train more effectively.
25. Skipping breakfast is associated to obesity.
26. It lets you enjoy the different egg preparation.
27. It satisfies your curiosity on the taste of the new cereal being advertised.
28. You’ll finally see your griddle in action after a long rest inside the kitchen cabinet.
29. There is nothing like a good breakfast after a few miles of jogging.
30. It makes you wake-up earlier to prepare the food.
31. It gives you reason to eat bacon and Angus burger
32. It is simply the most important meal of the da