The 2010 Qatar Car Price Guide

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Now as regular ILQers will know, I've been working hard on making this website a great resource for people. Sort of a 'one stop shop'.

I would greatfully appreciate it if some people could assist with the car guide. (To others, we work hard on this, so please give credit, or better yet, link to this thread, if you want to share the information.)

All you'd need to do is call up some car dealerships, ask them what their models are, and get prices. You can contribute in as much detail as you like. (e.g. Standard price, full option price)

Car's in Qatar are among the cheapest in the world. So you'll always get a good price!

Remember! Dealership prices are usually higher than shop prices.

Aston Martin

DBS --------------------- 650,000 QR

Vantage ---------------- 540,000 QR


Durango ------------------ 103,000 - 30,000 QR (Full Option)

Challenger --------------- 79,000 - 145,0000 QR (Full Option)

Tel: 455 8888

Acadia------------------ 129,000 - 169,000 (Full Option)

Sierra------------------ 107,000 - 120,000 (Full Option)

Tel: 447 7800

Tel: 435 7227

Tel: 462 9222

Grand Cherokee ------------------ 145,000 QR v8 4.7

Grand Cherokee ------------------ 165,000 QR v8 5.7

Cherokee Sport ------------------- 99,000 QR

Cherokee Limited ---------------- 124,000 QR

Patriot -------------------------------- 85,000 QR

Tel: 462 9222

ES350 ------------------ 146,000 QR (Full Option)

Tel: 462 1222

MKX ------------------ 163,000 (Full Option)

MKZ ------------------ 130,000 (Full Option)

Navigator ------------------ 249,000 (Full Option) (2007)

Tel: 493 2220

Tel: 444 1334

X-Trail ------------------ 70,000 QR - 81,000 (Full Option)

PathFinder ----------- 105,000 QR (2007)

X-Terra ----------------- 89,000 QR - 96,000 QR (Full Option)

Murano ---------------- 125,000 QR - 160,000 QR (Full Option)

Maxima ---------------- .119,000 QR - 132,000 QR (Full Option)


Cayman --------------- 220,000 QR (Full Option)

Cayman S ------------ 260,000 QR (Full Option)

Boxter ------------------190,000 QR (Full Option)

Boxter S -------------- 240,000 QR (Full Option)

Tel: 411 5211

Prado V4 ------------------ 114,000 QR - 119,000 (Full Option)

Prado V6 ------------------ 124,000 QR - 142,000 (Full Option)

Fortuner V4 -------------- 99,000 QR - 120,000 (Full Option)

Fortuner V6 -------------- 112,000 QR - 126,000 (Full Option)

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As the city spreads out day by day and cab and bus services iffy at times, a used car is the first recourse for those seeking a degree of mobility.

A rising population and increasing disposable income means cars are bought and sold frequently, making for a wider choice for a prospective buyer of used vehicles. With summer in full swing, experts say the time to buy is now as vehicles are available on the cheap. Amazingly, many people sell their cars to pay for their summer vacation and will practically grab at any offer made for their vehicle.

Summer is also a time when many employees' contracts have run out and so they return home. Similarly, some people go on a vacation, never to come back, leaving others to sell their cars.

Mohamed Kandeel, General Manager of Alfardan Premier Motors, which has set up its second used car showroom in the city, said: "The used car market has been rapidly improving over the recent years with the increase in population, especially on the expatriate side of it. The constant increase in new cars’ prices has also contributed to used car business enhancement."

Alfardan Motors deals with the premium segment of cars like BMW, Land Rover and the extremely high-end Maserati.

Used car dealerships have vehicles on display which are as good as new. This, some say, is because some buyers take car loans for new vehicles and then find it difficult to keep up with the monthly payments. So they dispose of what has become a liability.

Kandeel said sellers come from all segments of society and have different reasons for disposing of vehicles. "The first source is nationals who like to upgrade or change the model very often. There are also expatriates who need to leave the country. Our typical customer profile is a person who tends to change his car after three to four years of ownership."

Saeed Ali, who acts as a broker for used cars between buyer and seller, said: "In summer, second-hand cars are cheap. Many people need cash so they sell their cars."

For example, a used 2003 Toyota Camry which would normally go for QR40,000 goes for QR30,000 in the summer months. "A person can go to the second-hand car auctions in the Industrial Area where they can bring in their car and the auction begins at a certain price. On concluding a deal, the seller will take an amount as deposit until the paperwork is done," said Ali.

"A 2003 Nissan Sunny automatic which would normally sell for QR20,000-QR22,000 is now available for QR13,000-QR14,000," said Ali.

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Added more prices

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hello there Peter. I'm unsure if you're a neatly disguised Spam bot or an actual person so could you reply to this thread within a week so that you're thread is not deleted?

And welcome!

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Inshallah we'll be updating this list soon :)

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What about the small cars ?!
toyota yaris for example
ford ?
lower prices ?!

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How about Mini :ty:

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Fantastic list, amnesia - good work!

Will put a link on my site (eventually) so people can reference it.


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thank you :) and feel free to add upon it too!

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I just got a Hyundai Elantra ( basic specs ) - 45k (inlc reg fee + insurance for a year)

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thanks will add it to the list :)

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just a quick question about car loans--how does the lending process work? Obviously every application will be judged on its own merits etc.

i will be on an initial 2 year contract which then bacomes a rolling one--would this have an impact as to the length of the deal ie can i only take a loan out over the 2 year period?


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With QNB it's anything up to 300,000 but then basd on your current debt and for a max of 3 years. You'd just take a loan for 2 years.

Total debt cannot equal more than 70% of your total salary. (i.e. personal loan, car loan, mortgage total)

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so if i have no debt at all then upto 70% of salary can be used for a car?

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I think so.

I wouldn't do that though :P

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Yeah not a good idea at all!

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can you lease cars in Qatar?
i always leased in the UK as it was 'no hassle motoring' as servicing, maintenance, tax etc was taken care of by the leasing company. Was also a good way to own a brand new car and just pay the depreciation on the vehicle!
Does it work like this in Qatar?
Also is there a few companies that provide this service--is it competitive?

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Yes you can. Al Mannai had an advert today in the newspaper.

Rent a GMC, Hummer, Cadillac, or Subaro for two months ang get one month free.

(Plus free service, maintanence, insurance, replacement vehicle, breakdown service, and unlimited mileage.

Their number is 455 8636

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can anyone tell me where 'high class cars' is please?

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