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You want to be part of a global rock music video made in Qatar ?

The song is AIR Air Guitar by e.

We are seeking people to be in a rock music video to be produced & directed in Qatar. We need people playing the air guitar and some options will include "anyone filming using your iphone or Galaxy or web camera".

Open to you, your family, adults, children, cats, dogs and camel as long as fun.

Here is a You tube link to the song and recent Qatar concert footage which has just been introduced into the the top 40 of the QBS Indie Rock charts.


The song Air Guitar in the QBS Rock charts on every Monday night at number 36.

If you are interested in being part of the music video and can or would like to send an Air Guitar clip please email to QatarFilm@yahoo.com

Also if you like the song and want to see it climb the charts please text QBS Radio on 92627 or send an email to QBSRock@hotmail.com or join the QBS Alternative Rock top 40 on facebook.