Tasmeem (Design Exhibition)

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Location: VCUQ Gallery http://tasmeem.qatar.vcu.edu/tasmeem

Design at the Crossroads: The intersection of change and the future

When you reach a juncture, you pause, consider the possibilities and then proceed. In our unique position as an international design conference hosted by an American university in the Middle East, we have many intersections to contemplate. In Qatar and the Arabian Gulf, Bedouin traditions merge with modernity and East and West converge in multicultural cities. Design ideology is also in transition to a twenty-first-century ethos. In this rapidly changing environment, it is essential to consider all paths before forging ahead.

For a full schedule: http://tasmeem.qatar.vcu.edu/tasmeem/program.html


Twyla Tharp

Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah
Stephen Banham
Irma Boom
Jill Dumain
DeeDee Gordon
Mohammed Harib
Karrie Jacobs
Sadik Karamustafa
Bernard Khoury
Chunghie Lee
Fabio Novembre