Practical Budgeting for Non-Finance Professionals training, Doha by PwC

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TBC, Doha, Doha
29 May30 May
8:30 am4:00 pm

About the event

The course will enable participants to learn how companies move from creating a strategic plan to translating this plan into budgets and thereafter implementing and monitoring the actual performance. 


It will help participants:

• Understand the strategic planning process and how it translates into annual budgets

• Learn principles, approaches and techniques of budgeting

• Optimize planning of resources to achieve budgeted targets

• Learn to communicate strategic plans and budgets across the organization

• Evaluate actual performance vis-à-vis budgets

• Gain insight into recent developments in the budgeting process

Course outline

Budgeting basics

•Budgeting terminology

•Why do organizations prepare budgets?

•Relationship between strategy and budgeting

•Budgeting process

Principles and approaches to budgeting

•Top-down and bottom-up approaches

•Projecting current performance from historical data 

•Approaches to costing

Budget drivers and forecasting

•Analyzing revenue drivers, cost drivers, cost allocation techniques

•Forecasting techniques

oStatistical techniques

oTime series methods

oLearning curve analysis

•Use of contingency/sensitivity analysis

Types of budgets

•Master budgets

•Operating/Financial/Cash/Capex budgets

•Linkages between operating and financial budgets

Analyzing and communicating the budgets

•Reconciling the master budget to the long term strategic plans

•Analysing against stakeholders’ objectives

•Process of communicating and implementing budgets

Comparing budgets to actual performance

•Reacting to new information from the business environment since budget preparation

•Revising assumptions, drivers and budgets

•Flexible budgets and target adjustments

•Variance analysis post completion 

Recent Innovations in budgeting process

•Use of balanced scorecards

•Value chain analysis

•Capacity management

•Strategic budgeting

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