Photo Walk: Urban Cityscapes At Sunset & Blue Hour

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west bay, al funduk st, Doha
14 January / 4:00 pm

About the event

Date: 14 January, 2017

Location: West Bay

Time: 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Group: limited to the first 10 photographers

Fees: QAR 150 / person


West Bay is a photogenic city by day but it can be even more interesting after sunset. In this session, we’ll take a walk around some different locations which offer photographic opportunities.


We will start at Tornado tower and return to the same location after 3 hours. This walk features a mix of cityscapes and laneway photography.


Instruction will be offered on camera settings and how to better compose for city lights around sunset & blue hour time. Workshop will cover as well long exposure and light-trail photography.


Any form of camera is welcome, but keep in mind that we’ll be shooting in low-light conditions, so DSLRs will be your best bet in here. You may also find a tripod very handy during this walk.


If you’re not confident with your camera and/or looking for a reason to grab it and go on location, this may be a good excuse for you to join us on this walk!


The group will be limited to 10 photographers (plus myself).


What to you will need

  • Bring your camera with fresh batteries.
  •  Memory cards.
  • A tripod is preferable so you can take advantage of all photo opportunities that we will be presented with.
  • Warm clothes (this activity is run outdoors).

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