Ooredoo to Host 2016 Qatar National Sport Day Activities at MIA Park

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9 February / 8:30 am

About the event

Ooredoo hosts an all-day Qatar National Sport Day event.

This year’s activity-packed schedule has been designed with a strong focus on getting visitors to think about their fitness levels and strength, and will include a host of classes, trainers and activities to help the whole community get into shape.

Starting from 8.30am, Ooredoo will hold fitness classes for all ages and levels, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a walking group, gladiator joust, circuit training, football, kayaking and more.

To ensure that the activities install the benefits of healthy living for participants, Ooredoo has hired professional sports trainers to teach visitors vital exercise skills such as warming-up, which can then be used in everyday life.

Ooredoo’s support for Qatar’s National Sport Day is part of their ongoing commitment to raise awareness of the importance of fitness and health to the people of Qatar



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