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Directed by: Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Groß 


Country: Georgia, France, Germany


Genre: Drama


Runtime: 102 mins


Year: 2013


Language: Georgian, German and French with Arabic and English subtitles


Premiere Status: Qatar Premiere


Rating: PG - 15




Tbilisi, Georgia, 1992. The Soviet era is over and Georgia must fend for itself. Civil war is raging in the province of Abkhazia. For Natia and Eka, the teenaged protagonists of ‘In Bloom’, childhood is coming to an end. Eka is growing up without her father, rebelling against her concerned mother and her older sister. Meanwhile, Natia’s alcoholic father terrorises the entire family. The two friends cannot find peace– not in school, not on the street, not in the bread lines. Chaos, insecurity, and fear of the future hold sway in everyday life.This first feature film by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groß takes up the buried traditions of Georgian cinema, weaving together loud and soft, melancholy and missing love, eruptions of violence and a sense of the idyllic, precocious cold-bloodedness and childlike naïveté into a wonderfully rhythmic, exciting cinematic composition.