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Marriott Hotel at Café Trottoir
He was tall and handsome with a gregarious personality. Suddenly struck by a one in a million
aneurysm; he would never walk again. His
days are an agonizing ritual he curses with each sunrise. He must endure the sweat and excruciating
pain of dragging and lifting his body and his chair. His arms are his only freedom. He is compelled to not indulge in the luxury
of help from others for their help will only bring upon a siege of feebleness. And then one day fate presented him with a
gift; he turned his chair and there she was. They had met and loved twenty-five
years earlier but their paths took very different directions. She ran and jumped into his lap, she never saw the chair. From that day forward she has been by his
side. She embodies the essence of unconditional
love. Like Robert Browning, she pledged
to grow old along with him...the best is yet to be.

Hosted by the Doha Marriott Hotel at Café Trottoir, ‘Tragedy
Love Fate’ exhibition by
Award Winning Photographer Cynthia Martone portrays a photographic
story of tragedy, love and a fate only destiny will reveal in its time. An opening Reception is to be held at the Doha
Marriott on April 16, 2008 from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. From April 17 onwards,
timings will be from 12 noon to 9.00 pm.

For further information, please contact Cynthia Martone, Tel:
528-9239 Email: ctmartone[
Alternatively, you may wish to contact the
Doha Marriott Hotel on 429-8888.