Football 5's World Championship

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11 March / All Day

About the event

The Football Five’s World Championship (F5WC) brings together a global initiative to select talented amateur football players through regional 5-a-side qualifying rounds to then compete in the Dubai 2014 finals. The tournament aims to find undiscovered talent, showcased in Dubai and gives a platform for professional football clubs to scout and sign this talent.

A number of football scouts from around the world will fly in for the finals. These scouts representing a number of the world’s top football clubs will attend all the final matches in search of new talent from the world’s best amateur footballers.

The Finals will be held in the Dubai World Trade Centre. This purpose built indoor venue can hold up to 5,000 fans. Giant screens will show action replays making sure you don’t miss any of the action. There will be half time entertainment from football freestylers as well as plenty of giveaways for the crowd!

In its first installment this year, F5WC aims to become the tournament amateur footballers around the world strive to compete in.


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