Dari Qatar film hits the big screen

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Novo Cinemas – The Pearl
14 December15 December16 December17 December
6:00 pm6:00 pm6:00 pm6:00 pm

About the event

Throughout 2016, people across our great nation have been submitting video clips for the Dari Qatar project, and we at the Doha Film Institute have been weaving them together to create a tapestry of daily life in Qatar. Now everyone has the chance to see this uniqely Qatari creation for a limited time on cinema screens in Doha. Be sure to catch it at Novo Cinemas – The Pearl at 6:00 PM every day from 14 to 17 December. The screenings are free. Please reserve your seat at the Novo Cinemas – The Pearl Box Office.

Dari Qatar: A film by all of us