Coastal & Beach CleanUP

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In Land Sea Qatar
24 August / 8:30 pm

About the event

Hey environmental family, here is another opportunity for a beach clean-up, picnic with a night-out and swimming session!

Meeting is at 8:30pm from the Dairy Queen (near Radisson Blue, C-Ring and Salwa Road) - see location below). Be cool, be on time :) We will be excited to get going ! We will stay there Thursday night and come back the next day(Friday morning 9a.m)

To the amazing DRIVERS out there! Please post if you have a car(4×4W)and how many spots available. We will be forever thankful and you contribute to the success of the event ! 

Also, please kindly bring tents if you have one since we are going to stay a night on the beach.

Please keep in mind- Overnight stays is arranged by individuals and Group Beach Cleanup Drive will start on Friday morning.

If you need a ride, please tag yourself under the driver's post with available spots. Be respectful. Be thankful. Be on time! 

What to bring with you : 

  • YOU ID / RP ! We love you all but drivers can get in trouble if they
  • Transport people with no ID. 
  • Water, Water, Water! Think of the environment and fil up a reusable bottle!
  • Hats to protect from the sun
  • Proper shoes to walk on the beach to protect your feet from broken glass. Water shoes if you have some!
  • Old grocery bags to collect the garbage. I normally find a lot on the beach and in the water that I use to keep collecting garbage.
  • Gloves if you want to protect your hands (i will have a few extra pairs).
  • Towel and change of clothes :) !
  • Sunscreen or long sleeves shirts and pants. I suggest covering up with light clothing so you don't need to put sunscreen on. Also, jumping in the water before cleaning the beach cools you down by evaporation. If some like snorkeling make sure to pack your equipment.
  • Anything else you want to bring ! hahah

We suggest that people bring food as we can have a potluck.

Last thing! We try to separate garbage and recyclables. So much plastic can we recycled and not sent to the dump ! #Globalmetal

Let's surf the wave of environmental success! 

Dairy Queen:

Sea Line Resort :

Inland Sea:

Doha Environmental Actions with Silent Volunteers

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