Budgeting in a Low Oil Price Environment

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Doha, Qatar, PwC, Doha
21 August22 August
8:30 am3:30 pm

About the event

When the oil price started dropping, the governments and businesses in most GCC countries began to tighten their belts and reduce spending. Senior executives began to monitor budgets and expenses much more closely, as they began to see a drop in revenue.


Budgeting is a key management tool, and knowing how to manage a budget effectively can improve decision making in organisations. This two day course will provide participants with the techniques and best practices for preparing and managing budgets effectively, with a particular focus on cost management and cost reduction strategies that will help organisations cope in a fluctuation oil price environment.  


Key outcomes


By the end of this course, participants will:


Understand the budgeting and planning process and how it translates into annual budgets

Discover principles, approaches and techniques of budgeting

Understand the effect of a challenging economic environment on budgets

Optimise planning of resources to achieve budgeted targets

Differentiate between value generating and value-eroding costs

Explore cost reduction options (strategic, tactical, operational)

Discuss the impact of fluctuating oil prices on budgeting 


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