Beach Rugby Challenge at Katara

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5 February / 8:00 am

About the event

This year’s Beach Rugby Challenge will take place on National Sports Day, Tuesday February 9, 2016 at the Cultural Village Foundation - Katara Beach no.4.

Beach touch rugby is a non-contact, fast-moving game that is suitable for adults or children. It is a safe, soft-contact sport full of fast moving ball action. Touch rugby is a fast-growing version of the sport, and the Qatar Rugby Federation (QRF) encourages all clubs and playing organization to look to organize regular touch rugby activity to increase fitness and participation.

The beach touch rugby challenge is the only one of its kind in Qatar hosted by the Qatar Rugby Federation.

The open men’s division will consist of four groups playing a minimum of three games before advancing to the knock out stages of the event.  Games are played 5 on 5 and run for five minutes per half. An interval of one minute will apply.

Competition on the day will kick off at 8.00am and conclude by 5.00pm. There will be food and drink available all weekend along with music and kids entertainment. All registered teams will receive complementary playing shirts.