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30, La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl
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Situated right down the very end of the pearl, the Anima Lounge is all about healthy food and juices.

Everything on the menu is carefully put together by the in house nutritionist and is created to not make you feel that by eating healthy you have to miss out on the foods you enjoy. Some popular selections available are Cheesecake, Chinese money bags and Cheeseburger.

There are a few cool things about this cafe. It's attached to a gallery so has pieces of art throughout with everything you see whilst you dine available to purchase. Tablets are used for menus which is a cool touch and makes you want to explore the menu in detail. The juices are fresh, healthy, not like any you'd get anywhere else in Doha with choices like drink your salad or my favourite the beetroot juice, you feel invigorated and wanting more.

I found that some of the food is oily, salty and doesn't give you the feel good factor you expect to get after eating healthy food. That's not to say that this applied to everything and the intent is definately there.

I think the concept of what they are trying to do is great & Doha needs something like this but they just need to perfect their concept a little more especially around better living. I can't wait to see what new things they add to the menu that's for sure.

If you want a fresh, healthy juice especially on a hot day then I do recommend Anima Lounge. 


La Croisette
Porto Arabia, The Pearl

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