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We are one of the original hourly cleaning companies in Qatar.  We train our cleaners like no other company and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  We have grown tremendously based on our excellent service and high customer satisfaction.   
Our experienced and mature cleaners are ready to clean your homes, offices and businesses. Most of them are married with kids, well educated and all are fluent in English. We know how to protect your furniture while cleaning homes.
We work on an hourly basis or monthly contract.  Please visit our website at or call to find out about the package that suites your personal needs.
For more info please call 31294061 /  4416-6630
سكربس لخدمات التنظيف
لدينا عاملات نظافة محترفات بالساعة او العقود شهرية مدربات على نظافة  وترتيب البيت والغرف والمكاتب وكذلك غسيل وكي الملابس
للتواصل يرجى الاتصال جوال :    44166630 / 31294061

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