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For those who seek to enhance or choose their career in project planning and control, we offer training by experienced Planning and Controls Manager for the tasks that are involved in day-to-day functioning of the planning related activities and its support to the organisation Project Management.


If you are finding trouble in getting the job of a planning and/ or controls engineer, or are of the opinion that, no suitable training is being provided or the training lacks in-depth knowledge that required by the industry standards, then this course is for you, if you are sincerely seeking to make your career in Project Planning and Control.


Unlike others who offer to provide training on Oracle Primavera P6 software only, leaving you with one third of the knowledge that required for conducting of project planning and control tasks, therefore this training is formulated to provide combined knowledge of technical, management and functioning of software application, thus giving you complete knowledge on the subject matter and its application in the real world project.


With the aim to develop expert level capabilities with combination of different knowledge areas, the training is provided by customising as per learner's capabilities, delivered in sessions within the time range of 90-120min each, that includes theoretical and practical on Oracle Primavera P6 and MS Excel softwares, emphasizing on real-life project workings.


The number of sessions for this training depends on the in-depth knowledge that you aspire to, with the minimum of three sessions, that will provide you with enough knowledge of typical scope of work involved in an infrastructure project, basic concepts of project management and the role of project planning and control, understanding and development of project plan and its use in day to day functioning of project management tasks.


If you find it helpful and seek for further information, please call on 55817669 or 44759033 or email on

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