Outcall Massage therapist in Doha

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Hi everyone, I am a mobile masseur offering massage services to clients in and around Doha,Qatar. Among my massages include Swedish, deep tissue,aromatherapy and reflexology.

Kindly note that I don't have ladies so don't call to ask for ladies. I also DON'T offer extras. So PLEASE don't ask if I offer extras. I Simply don't. I only do healing and therapeutic massages.

Finally I am chocolate in complexion from Ghana, Africa. So I am not a filipino, I am not an Indian. I am not a Bengali. I am not a Nepali. I am an African, please don't ask me for light skinned masseurs.

I don't have whatsapp. so don't ask me to send you photos because I will not be able to. 

For more information you can call or message me on +97430886975

Thanks for your time..Looking forward.

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