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We are looking to hire an individual who must be qualified to manage all the requirements listed below.


Activities of Company:    Business Consultancy, Legal, Governmental Relations, Human Resources, Public Relations, Marketing, Branding, IT, Translations, Trading, Real Estates and Construction.

Country:                               State of Qatar


Position Required:                       Corporate Lawyer

Salary & Benefits:             $ 1650/month Tax Free (Includes basic salary and housing allowance).

                                                Plus Yearly Medical and Medicine Allowance for use at Governmental Hospitals.

                                                Plus Yearly Return Air-Ticket Allowance from Doha to Home Country.

                                                PlusPrivate car for personal and official use.

                                                Plus 1.5% commission on yearly net profit.

Plus End of Service Benefit of latest 3 weeks’ basic salary multiplied by the number of complete years’ service.

Probation Period:             06 Months

Contract Duration:           Indefinite

Working Hours:                 8 hours/day from Saturday to Thursday

Vacation:                              21 days/year paid leave


Education:                           Master’s Degree in Corporate Law

Years of Experience:        Minimum 10 Years

Nationality:                         Arab

Gender:                                Male

Skills:                                     Fluent in Arabic and English language.

                                                Specialized in Business Corporation, real state, foreign investment, governmental and immigration affairs.

                                                Able to translate English to Arabic and vice versa.

                                                Has local driving license.

                                                Has marketing expertise.

Being practical and honest.

Being professional and courteous.

Has a professional character.

Possess appropriate depth of legal knowledge

                                                Having knowledge of the Qatari Law.

                                                Having excellent written and verbal communication skills.

                                                Being able to persuade others.

                                                Being able to operate well with corporate professionals.

                                                Being an active listener.

                                                Having interpersonal abilities.

                                                Being confident.

                                                Having an analytical mind for large amounts of information.

                                                Having common sense.

                                                Having high attention for details.

Duties:                                  Meeting clients.

                                                Proofreading and translating documents.

                                                Handling governmental and immigration affairs.

                                                Handling foreign investment.

                                                Handling business consultancy.

                                                Advise on both commercial and legal basis.

                                                Presentations of company services.

                                                Assist in professional development of the company and staff.

Develop and recommend company policy and position on legal issues.

                                                Draft transactional documents.

                                                Structure and negotiate business transactions.

                                                Client Counseling.



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