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…but want to improve your CONVERSATIONAL English, The SpeakEasy English Club meets regularly to specifically practice the type of English which you would use in normal, everyday social situations.

Formal language classes are not for everyone; some of us learn a new language better when we're outside of a classroom.  The club plans regular English Conversation Events, which help non-native English speakers learn to speak more quickly/naturally/easily…and, more importantly, with more confidence.

If you've already taken formal, traditional classes in the past, but now simply want to apply what you've learned, begin practice speaking on a regular basis with a native (American) English speaker and with others who are at your same level of English.  

ENGLISH IS LIKE A MUSCLE…if you don't use it, you lose it!!

In addition to these ongoing group events, I am available for private coaching, as well as Business English and Career/CV/Job Interview Preparation

For days/times, please email:  speakeasyclub.info@gmail.com


Happy to answer any questions.  Cheers!!

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