House maid services in Qatar

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You would ideally want to spend your weekends on the things that really matter, instead of on the things that take up unnecessary time such as cleaning your house.

This task is quite an ordeal if you are inept at cleaning, and the whole thing might go down worse than you think. You will be cleaning for the entire weekend and still would not have finished the entire house.

Instead, you could have the choice of hiring house maid services in Qatar like ours.

Al Allam Cleaning provides housemaids who churn out comprehensive services at an affordable price:  35 QAR

We offer you a variety of services including kitchen cleaning, steam cleaning, upholstery-sofa cleaning,

These housemaids can also double up as babysitters as well.


For more information regarding the service, you can visit our website at or you can call us at 974 70699241 or +974 55654175 or you can e-mail us at

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