French bull dog for dog person or family.

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Out of this world French bulldog puppy named Ally. Beautiful to look at. Guaranteed to turn heads anywhere it goes. Potty and paper trained. AKC registered, dewormed and vet checked. A man once attempted to steal it, but stood admiring him so long my wife came and carried the puppy into the house. We are located in Cameroon. Unfortunately our current living conditions would not permit us continue to keep Ally any longer. Since my wife is from Doha, she insist we give Ally only to a person or family living in Qatar. We are not selling our puppy. We are willing to give Ally to any dog person or family ready to take in a puppy at the moment. We consider this as an adoption, because any interested person would not be paying any price for this bulldog puppy. All you need to do is pay for its flight reservation. Contact me as soon as possible via telephone or email for more information.