Experienced Arabic teacher for Non Arabs

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Dear students




My name is Kareem, I am an Arabic teacher for Non Arabs. I have taught Arabic using my own curriculum and technique for 10 years to non Arabs. A sample of the places I have taught it are:




1-The University and College of London - Qatar Foundation campus


2-Grand Hyatt - staff training (Arabic for Hospitality)


3-Educate - Kip Mcgrath Institute 


I have received students who tried learning Arabic from many reputable institutes such as Fanaar and Berlitz, but weren't sucessful in their attempts. I use accelerated methods to teach you Arabic in the shortest period possible. Some of my students managed to speak within two months, others took longer than that




If you feel interested to know more, kindly call me on my number, then we'll fix a free of charge appointment to discuss your educational and professional needs.

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