Electronic music production and Disc Jockey (DJ) Courses by certified faculty from GLITCH STUDIOS

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Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production, an electronic musician being a musician who composes and/or performs such music.

We provide Electronic music production courses and Disc Jockey (DJ) courses here in Qatar on personnel training basis organised by the label GLITCH STUDIOS. The Faculty is International Industry Standard personnel with Certification from SAE Institute of Audio Engineering. The course details are as follows:


Electronic Music Production Course (Two Month Crash Course)

(5 days a week, Two Hour Session each)



1)      Basics of Audio Engineering

2)      Music Theory Basics

3)      Electronic Music Genres & formats

4)      Introduction to DAW (digital audio workstation)

5)      Music Programming and sequencing

6)      Introduction to Synthesizer

7)      Audio Sampling

8)      Audio Editing

9)      Midi

10)   Layering

11)   Vocal & Instrument Recording

12)   Audio Mixing

13)   Pitch Correction

14)   Art of Remixing

15)   Mastering

16)   Genre specialisation in : EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Hip Hop, House, Electro, Trance, Bollywood, World Fusion Music, Trap, Dubstep, Drum & Bass (DnB), Chillout etc.


Disc Jockey (Dj) Course (Two Month Crash Course)

(5days a week, Two hour Session each)


1)      Electronic Music Genres & formats

2)      Introduction to Dj     Equipment & Connections

3)      Beat Matching

4)      Cue & headphone mixing

5)      Basics of Turntables & Scratching

6)      Channel & Equalizer Mixing

7)      Gain & Master Volume Control

8)      Mix in Key & harmony

9)      Live Remixing

10)   Set Creation

11)   Music data base creation

12)   Software DJing (Software: Traktor &Virtual DJ)

13)   Midi & Controllerism

14)   Basics of MCing and Audience Control




1)      Film and Music Industry Specialised Faculty certified by SAE Institute of Audio Engineering

2)      Course designed by Chief Audio Engineer at Resul Pookutty Studio Mumbai, Audio engineering head Panache school of sound HYDERABAD and FOUNDER of Glitch studios.  

3)      Outstanding students get opportunity to Sign a Record Label Deal and free artist promotion packages.

4)      Free career Counselling and artist profile guidance.

5)      Free Music samples, Sound banks, presets, and vsts.

6)      Collab opportunity for outstanding students with Pro artists.



  • Electronic Music Production Course : Qr.5,000
  • Disc Jockey (Dj) Course : Qr. 3,000
  • Both courses together: Qr.7,000

CONTACT 30459119 or producerv@gmail.com for more details or admission.

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